The essential guide to improving your welbeing for better health, wealth, and happiness.

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The book explores the connection between money, wellness, and happiness. Filled with insightful research, personal stories, and tactical and actionable steps.

Hi, I’m Jason Vitug.

I am a people person. I gravitate toward areas that educate, inspire, and uplift people. I’m an idea man, a go-to person; an adventure seeker and a couch surfer; a helper and a leader; a realist and a dreamer.

I’m fascinated by the world around me and equally curious about the ability to create our reality.

I’m a former corporate climber turned creative storyteller with a mission to empower others to transform their lives through experiential and purposeful living.

I spent over a decade following “the path” we’re told is the way to success and happiness, yet I never arrived at those destinations. I realized that life’s success is in the pursuit and happiness is chosen in the journey.

I’m a bestselling author with two books, You Only Live Once and Happy Money Happy Life. My other works have been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, and Fast Company, and more. In addition to writing, I work with Fortune 1000 companies, universities, startups, and credit unions as a speaker, consultant, and ambassador. Learn more about me here.

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  • Day 7: Happy Life: Your path to health, wealth, and freedom

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