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24 Hours in Singapore

It was roughly 10pm and I just boarded my train from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia into Singapore. Just earlier I purchased my first class ticket which cost around $30. I wouldn’t make it to Singapore until early in the morning so it was a perfect time to take a nap.

The sun was just rising and I look out the window and see the Malaysian jungle. I couldn’t believe the stark difference between Kuala Lumpur and what I was seeing just a few hours later. Kuala Lumpur is a city built with 21st century technology with skyscrapers as tall as the eyes can see. I think even taller than buildings in NYC. But a few hours outside of this metropolis was a jungle oasis.

The sun rose and the train stopped. We finally made it to Singapore. It was a quick process through immigration and customs. It was interesting seeing the signs about the gum prohibition. Yes, do not bring gum into Singapore!

I change some dollars into singapore dollars across the street and took a bus into the center of town.

Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug is a bestselling author, writer, producer, entrepreneur, and founder of The Smile Lifestyle Brands and the financial wellness marketplace, phroogal.com.

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