Through the years, I’ve been searching for answers to the question of “Who am I?” And I found that I had been asking the wrong question. Instead, I’ve learned to ask, “How am I?” It’s led me to discover that I get to define “who I am” by how I live. 

Society has taught us to be fixated on titles and incomes to define who we are without asking ourselves how we are doing with those titles and with that income.

I began researching ways to improve how I am doing by focusing on my mind, my habits, and my feelings.

I learned experiences and choices often define the person we are and that version of self isn’t static either. In fact, wisdom has shown that we are in a constant state of change. And the secret was learning how much I could affect the change through my actions.

The journey to wellness has inspired thoughts and ideas that I’ve written down in notes. And now, this page has my best articles on my growth and life lessons. You’ll find my interests in mindset, emotional intelligence, health and wellness, creativity and productivity, and occasional philosophical musings spurred on by travels and conversations.

Also, I’ve written books about time and happiness and how money affects those things because my finances affected so much of how I viewed myself.



Jason Vitug on a camel in Giza Pyramids

My Writings

I’m currently editing the 100 articles I’ve written through the years.

If you’re inclined to read my thoughts, a google search can help you. I do have articles on, LinkedIn, and

I’m editing and structuring the posts to ensure it’s easier for you to access.

This page will be updated soon.