My Belief in Science and God

In 2011, frustrated and unable to sleep, I walked out into my bedroom balcony and stared up at the night sky. I didn’t ask God how I got there rather asked him why was I there. That changed the course of my life and got me closer to my life’s purpose.

“Science and religion do not conflict. Science explains the how and religion explains the why.”

When I talk about a belief in God it does not negate my understanding of science. When I believe in evolution or the Big Bang or medicine, I marvel in the structure in which it was created.

As science progresses to teach us of how we came to be, religion as a true spiritual journey teaches us why we came to being.
The more we learn through scientific approach the more we realize knowing how we came to be the lingering question of why gets amplified. It’s been my belief that God’s love is the why that set order into chaos and as His creation evolved it became self aware (growing understanding) to seek to be closer to its Creator.

When I share the benefit of meditation I am in a state of awareness, a calm loving and peaceful state. Isn’t that being closer to God? God is love and peace. He isn’t a human being who wants to be feared, wants to be worshipped and wants to be paid tribute in money. God doesn’t want/give love or doesn’t want/give peace. He is love. He is peace. That is the why in the creation of the universe and evolution of man. He brought order into chaos and love in the things that has been created. When you choose chaos or choose hate of any form you are indeed further from God.

This is probably the only time I openly talk about some close personal views but the news of Pope Francis echoing my understanding I was inspired (in spirit) to share.

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