Gratitude. Make sure you let those who’ve touched your lives know how they’ve added joy in your life and made you smile. Let those who’ve helped you achieve milestones and goals celebrate with you. Nothing in this world is achieved in a silo and when you’ve understood that we are all somehow connected even greater things can be achieved.

You will find in life when you’re at your happiest, those repelled by happiness will leave. Those who want to celebrate in your happiness will be attracted to it and rejoice with you.

You will find in life when you’re in pain, those who love you will come to unburden and ease your pain while others compare their pain to yours. Let them go.
I’m grateful to all of you who’ve celebrated with me in my joys and have unburdened me with my sadness.
12 days into 2015.

Let’s not be saddened by the 12 days that has passed but become excited for the 353 days yet to come. Each day is a gift hence it’s called the present. Let’s unwrap each day with the hope and excitement of what’s to come.

Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug is a bestselling author, writer, producer, entrepreneur, and founder of The Smile Lifestyle Brands and the financial wellness marketplace,

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