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How Tall Is It? My Neck Hurts!

The moment I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur center I looked like one of those tourists who just got to NYC arching their necks to stare up at the skyscrapers. Wow, these buildings are extremely tall, extremely new and quite architecturally pleasing.

I knew of Kuala Lumpur because of a previous job I had at Newark Airport when my company started handling the Malaysian Airlines account. I never imagined in a million years I’d make it here. It wasn’t in my list of places to really go out and visit.

I do have to say I was surprised in how modern the city was and how the language has English words spelled out phonetically. It’s quite interesting.

The people in Malaysia are of mix stock. One of the things I did notice here is that its a very diverse nation (or federated sultanates) of Malay, Chinese and Indian ethnicities.

At night, my cousin wanted to bring me to the Petronas Towers. The Towers is probably one of the only things I truly really knew about Kuala Lumpur. I should cause they show these towers in a bunch of movies.

I couldn’t believe my eyes the moment I arrived and walked up those subway stairs. Just watch the video you’ll see what I am talking about.

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