What keeps you going when all odds seem stacked against you?

Got this email – “So what keeps you going when all odds seem stacked against you?”

Whenever the stacks seemed bent to defeat me or topple over and crush me I move away from it. It doesn’t mean the barriers and the lows aren’t there but I focus to use my energy on improving and growing instead. Of course, I could sit around and do absolutely nothing and make tons of excuses as to why something hasn’t work or why it won’t work.

I’ve learned in the course of my life that “trying” is always better than sitting around “thinking.” The benefit of entrepreneurship or small business owner or what have you is the ability to do what you need and want combined to reach a specific goal. Of course if you want to sit around and watch TV (because that’s what you want to do) instead of hustling, networking or taking action (which you need to do) than of course nothing happens.

It reminded me of what someone said once that it seems like I do a lot of guesswork. Well yes I do because if there was one plan to be a successful entrepreneur everyone would know about it. What I do are calculated and fit within the scope. I’m not afraid to try something, learn something nor fail at something. I could once again sit watching TV (I don’t btw but do have Netflix playing as I work) hoping for something to happen and never realize I haven’t done anything to make anything happen in the first place.

Even the highest and toughest mountain to climb seems insurmountable but it just takes one step to get closer to the peak. Stumble you will and crawl you must but keep going. If the path is blocked then go around it.The Climb Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug is a bestselling author, writer, producer, entrepreneur, and founder of The Smile Lifestyle Brands and the financial wellness marketplace, phroogal.com.

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