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I posted this on Facebook and wanted to expand, “I finally caught up on what’s been happening on race relations here in the US. It’s not a matter of black and white, yellow and brown, blue or red. It boils down to humanity. In today’s society we’ve become paranoid, desensitized and radicalized. It boils down to this…some people lack compassion. They honestly need spirituality in their life. Not about telling someone their belief is right over another. It’s about understanding who YOU are and having gratitude for YOUR life hence appreciation for the lives of others (others who are different, strange, peculiar). Let’s get to a point we are aware that we are alive, that our happiness rests in our hands and that society will be a much better place having YOU take control of making YOUR life amazing and by virtue of that a network of amazing lives are created.”

I’ve realized that we are indeed selfish and selfless beings. I talked about this in a previous post where I agreed with Bill Clinton. The problem I see in some parts of society is this confusion one has about their own lives. The only thing they feel they can control is the lives of others.

Our life is our own. Even the lives of the kids you’ve brought into this world is not your life but their life. Something my parents have shared with me. No matter how much you set your child for a set future, your child will choose as they wish. Because they are an individual.

What if we got to the point of human evolution when we realize that our lives is in fact our own. That we control our fate. We control our happiness. Think of the power you hold within you. How scared would the old guards of society feel?

The sadness that I feel when I hear stories like majority of the stories that fill our social streams and airwaves is traumatic. I’ve decided that I choose to be in the know but not live in the fabricated reality of others. It’s an awareness that I am indeed a part of this world. I am alive.

I can help make the world a better place by making sure I make it better for myself. It’s truly is a love for oneself that turns into a love for others. A love for strangers. Compassion.

Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug is a bestselling author, writer, producer, entrepreneur, and founder of The Smile Lifestyle Brands and the financial wellness marketplace,

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