Make Your Money Smile: 5 Pillars to Your Best Financial Life

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The third book on financial wellness dives deeper into the lessons and steps to help you master your money and live your best life.

Make Your Money Smile: A Personal Finance How-to Guide to Manage, Earn, Grow, Borrow, and Protect Your Wealth

“Money isn’t everything, but it impacts most things. It’s time to explore every aspect of personal finances in a relatable, easily digestible, no-guilt, and personalized way.”

In Make Your Money Smile, I reveal my pillar approach to money that has allowed me to grow wealth, support my health, and truly live financially free. 

Written with a purposeful flow, the book walks you through every aspect of personal finances while allowing you to skip around and focus on an area of greater need.

  • Manage Money–your cash flow strategy to direct your money to what’s most important.
  • Earn Money–your income strategy to optimize your earnings and diversify your income.
  • Grow Money–your investing strategy to prioritize your savings for retirement and independence. 
  • Borrow Money–your credit strategy to shift your mindset to build wealth using leverage.
  • Protect Money–your legacy strategy to secure your most valuable assets.

Unlike many other personal finance books that deal purely with the quantitative, I invite you to use money as a tool for wellness and happiness.

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Preface from Make Your Money Smile

Through the years, I’ve been asked about my take on the how-tos of money. I have written many step-by-step personal finance articles on dozens of websites, including my own on However, I never really considered writing a book on it. I know that people enjoy reading books because there’s a beginning and an end, unlike online articles where there seems to be an endless amount of information to read.

Did I really need to write this book?

You see, there are many really good how-to-money books already published. I’ve recommended many, from Broke Millennial to Get Good with Money. They complement the mindset and habit-focused books I’ve written. So, I initially didn’t feel the need to redo what’s been done quite well.

It wasn’t until I had multiple conversations with people during my happiness tour that changed my mind. One particular statement struck me profoundly, “We haven’t read the how-to of money in your words.” Indeed, some people resonate with my voice and relate to my lived experiences. 

Perhaps, you’re one of them, and sharing my how-tos will help you reach your goals and dreams sooner. I wrote this book with a purposeful intent: to take you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. And then guide you to where to go next.

This book covers the financial fundamentals and money steps aligned with my life philosophies. Make Your Money Smile is the third book of the financial wellness series. It follows You Only Live Once (a book on time and money) and Happy Money Happy Life (a book on happiness and money). It completes a trilogy I had envisioned many years ago.

The book in your hands is about all things money. It’s a how-to guide sharing my step-by-step approach to achieving financial well-being. This book can stand on its own while incorporating the principles from my prior works. In some ways, it’s an extension of my previous books, but it doesn’t require you to have read them prior.

I could have written this book first, as it delves into the fundamental concepts of money. However, I firmly believe what stops our progress toward achieving goals is not the absence of steps but our mindset and habits. So, if you haven’t read my previous books, I recommend adding them to your reading list.

Now, for those who’ve wanted step-by-step financial guidance from me, this book is for you. I have written all the necessary information you need to reach your financial goals and make your money smile. 

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A practical how-to guide with insightful commentary to help you on your financial wellness journey.

Live Your Best Financial Life

Hi, I’m Jason. I’ve written books that explore the connection between time and money (You Only Live Once) and the intersectionality of money and happiness (Happy Money Happy Life).

It was time I wrote a book about money and finances that pours into you everything I know about personal finance (with the help of some expert friends).

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