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My Top 7 Air Travel Observations

As a frequent traveler, I’ve become accustomed to a certain process and order that makes flying a bit more enjoyable for me. I learned (it wasn’t a preference) the importance of packing light, sitting in the front of the plane, eating at the airport and not in the plane, to keep my work laptop closed for a variety of reasons and stretching my limbs every hour to keep the blood flowing.

So this isn’t a blog post about my preferences, I wanted to write a blog of things I’ve observed in the last 10,000 miles of air travel I’ve completed.

Here it goes…
1. Listen carefully and approach the boarding line when called. Yes, seems like easy direction. But trust me, the moment the gate agent announces pre-boarding – everyone crowds the lines.
2. So you’re entering the plane. You can end your phone conversation. You don’t need to juggle your phone, your luggage, your carry-on and your drink. The worst is standing behind someone trying to walk through the aisle talking on their phone and at the same time trying to place their luggage in the overhead bins.
3. You know you are going to board the plane and need certain items such as your iPod, headphones, book, etc. So why wait till you get to your seat, shuffle through your bag as everyone else waits behind you?
4. So you have a carry-on and a personal item to bring on board. Don’t cheat the system by placing both your items and your coat in the overhead bins because you got to board first. No, your coat isn’t luggage and unfortunately you need to hold onto them or place them in the seat in front of you – unless there is space in the overhead bins AFTER everyone has placed their belongings.
5. Keep really strong smelling food in the terminals. I understand you have the right to eat what you want. However, we as other paying customers, should have the right not to smell your food for the next 5 hours.
6. It’s been awhile since I sat in a middle seat in the main cabin. Here is the truth, it sucks to sit in the middle seat. If you are sitting in the aisle or window seat, give the person sitting in the middle seat the arm rests.
7. Please take a shower before the flight or at least change your underwear. Many times I’ve sat in the aisle seat waiting for other passengers to board and subjected to some really strong odors. Just picture it…your head is ass level.

Let’s enjoy air travel again! There are things we can do to make flying a bit more enjoyable for ourselves and others.

Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug is a bestselling author, writer, producer, entrepreneur, and founder of The Smile Lifestyle Brands and the financial wellness marketplace,

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