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That light in the tunnel…

In the past few months, I’ve spent a good amount of time on the road. You all should know that – as I tweet and foursquare my travels around the nation. I’ve been to LA, DC, Philly, Greensboro, Charlotte, NYC, Boston, Houston, Salt Lake, Denver, Jacksonville in the last 60 days. I’ve definitely racked up those miles that I’m sure I’ll use wisely if not to help transport loved ones to me.

Okay, so this post isn’t about me traveling, but I get a good amount of my ideas speaking with so many interesting people in my travels. I wanted to address a topic that I started off with in this post – when everything seems to be crashing down and there is no end to the madness in your life.

I won’t dwell on the specifics of what I’ve heard from dozens of people. I want to briefly discuss the underlying feeling that many have about their financial situations – the feeling of being trapped and unable to free oneself from the shackles they’ve unintentionally placed on themselves.

Here is my point…that light that you see in your dark tunnel isn’t a speeding train headed towards you. If you clear the noise in your head (what may sound like the train engines), you’ll discover that light isn’t headed towards you…it’s you actually walking towards it and that light, yes that light, is the end of that dark tunnel.

The first step is accepting responsibility and getting rid of that pride and shame associated with the mistakes. Then, start to accept help from those resources available to you. Not accepting help and not taking personal action seems to be what keeps people in that dark tunnel.

Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug is a bestselling author, writer, producer, entrepreneur, and founder of The Smile Lifestyle Brands and the financial wellness marketplace,

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