The past is the past, present and future…

I’m on my balcony staring out onto the street.  I see and hear the occasional car zipping by.  It’s pretty peaceful with the cool Bay area breeze that feel like tiny icicles pinching my skin.  I stare out into the night sky at a great distance and focus my eye on a singular bright star.  This bright star reminded me of a book I read in 9th grade called the Chocolate Wars.  Well I hope that was the actual name of the book.  There was a quote I used to say often but now it’s lost in memory.  I start thinking of the times I’ve wanted to reinvent myself mentally, physically and emotionally.  You name it and I’ve tried it.  I start thinking in today’s age life isn’t as simple as moving on when there are so many ways to connect, reconnect and stalk those who you’ve met randomly or for a split second.

No matter how much I want to put the past behind, I realize that the past is such an important part of me that makes me feel complete.  I think every person we meet or connect with teaches us something about life and about ourselves.  They come in and serve us for a special purpose and then exit our lives.  Sometimes this exit is with a bang and most often it’s at a whimper.  This cosmic truth I think is integral in our growth as individuals but I wonder with the advent of all these different types of social media that we prolong certain relationships way pass its due date.  Could it actually prevent us from allowing strangers, “newbies,” to enter our lives and forge new relationships that will teach us and ultimately help  us become better individuals?

Jason Vitug

Jason Vitug is a bestselling author, writer, producer, entrepreneur, and founder of The Smile Lifestyle Brands and the financial wellness marketplace,

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